Our Companies

Protection Development, Incorporated (PDI)

Founded in 1985 as a fire protection engineering firm, PDI provides a full spectrum of fire protection engineering services including sprinkler and fire alarm design, fire and smoke modeling, and performance-based designs offering innovative solutions to complex fire and life-safety challenges. In addition, PDI provides consulting services for fire, building, and life-safety code compliance, including plans review and the issuance of commodity letters. PDI also provides government third-party plan review services on behalf of local, state, and federal agencies. In addition to its engineering and consulting services, PDI, through its Permitting Section, assists its clients in negotiating the complex permitting process, managing that process from initial application, through all necessary inspections, to final Certificate-of-Occupancy.

PDI is a Texas Registered Engineering Firm (Firm Number F-2816), licensed under the authority of the Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE).

To learn more about PDI, visit our website at www.pdifire.com.

PDI Rail Solutions

In June 2009, PDI expanded its commitment to the rail / transit consulting business by launching a new, dedicated division, aimed specifically at that industry. The new division is called PDI Rail Solutions.

PDI Rail Solutions provides comprehensive consulting and project management services divided into the following nine areas of expertise:

  • Equipment and System Analysis
  • Inspection and Project Oversight
  • New Commuter Rail and Passenger Services (Mechanical)
  • New Commuter Rail and Passenger Services (Operations)
  • Operations, Maintenance, and Planning Support
  • Passenger Equipment – Fire Safety Standards
  • Private Rail Car Services and Special Trains
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Specification Writing

To learn more about PDI Rail Solutions, visit our website at www.pdirail.com.

Executive Rail

Railroads once represented the finest in luxury transportation. With the nostalgic charm of a bygone era and the privacy of an exclusive club, our fully restored 1940s and 1950s railcars can provide the perfect setting for your private business meeting or a cross-country getaway.

The Catalpa Falls Group, LLC (CFG)

Founded in 2003, the Catalpa Falls Group locates and restores select vintage railroad passenger cars for inclusion into its luxury private railcar fleet. Using the Pennsylvania Railroad's famous Broadway Limited as its inspiraion, the CFG is restoring its fleet of railcars to not only reflect the physical ambiance of the 1948 Broadway, but to also support the contemporary delivery of the Broadway's legendary service.

The CFG fleet of luxury private passenger cars is available for charter by those discerning individuals, corporations, and groups who would like to experience the ease, safety, and customer service of the "golden age of train travel".

To learn more about CFG, visit our website at https://www.catalpafallsgroup.com/.