Emler Earns ICC Certification as Fire Plans Examiner

San Antonio, TX – February 4, 2009


Protection Development, Incorporated (PDI) is pleased to announce that Misty Emler has earned certification from the International Code Council (ICC) as a Fire Plans Examiner.

Misty is an Associate Fire Protection & Code Analyst with PDI where she also serves as the Permitting Section Manager. She earned her ICC certification as a Building Plans Examiner in December 2007. A graduate of Wayland Baptist University in San Antonio, Misty earned a B.S. degree in Occupational Education (Management) in November 2007.

Commenting on this latest achievement, PDI President & CEO Bob Andrews stated, “Misty Emler embodies the concept of life-long learning; her can-do attitude serves as an inspiration to all of us. I have enjoyed watching Misty’s continual professional and personal growth during her 9-year tenure with PDI.” Misty can be reached via e-mail at: memler@PDIFire.com.

About PDI

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PDI also provides government third-party plan review services on behalf of local, state, and federal agencies. In addition to its engineering and consulting services,

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