Emergency Response Services: Protecting America’s Rail Infrastructure

Protecting America’s infrastructure has always been a top priority. Since September 11, 2001 Emergency Managers, First Responders, and Corporate Loss Control Experts, especially within the Rail Industry, have doubled down with resolve. Add to that new risks associated with our newly found energy resources and there is an even greater challenge for our Managers. In that process, we have identified areas where special expertise is needed. In many cases, the nation’s first response capability was not designed for the magnitude of potential events.

The resurgence of Crude Oil by Rail, combined with the increased volume of Ethanol, has forced Corporate Safety and Loss Control Professionals to deal with potential disasters never before considered. All while the media and the public are shouting “not in my back yard” – not understanding that the rails are critical to energy independence. Even if we replaced all the DOT 111 railcars, and if all the track were perfect, and even if all of our employees were well trained, properly rested, and fully alert, accidents will happen. A clear, robust, and effective Industry response is required.

BAG Emergency Response Services (BAG-ERS) is the organization that Emergency Managers and Loss Control Experts have turned to for providing response capabilities to major fire events, including Crude Oil and Ethanol by Rail.

Public / Private partnerships are now the new normal, linking the tactical expertise of the private sector with first responders. Operating like a Fire SWAT Team, BAG-ERS is there to support first responders with specialized equipment and highly trained personnel for these high risk-low frequency events. We do this by working with Federal, State, and Local Governments as well as working with Rail Industry Professionals. Our program is highly visible and includes planning and training with local First Responders so we are ready to go when disaster strikes. In many cases, we are the bridge between Local Government, First Responders, and the Railroad, helping to get the rails safely open again.

For the Rail Industry, BAG-ERS can augment existing services, or we can provide ongoing, system -wide protection. This allows you to focus on your core business while taking highly visible and effective action to protect the public.



Additional information about the Bob Andrews Group can be found on their website at www.bobandrewsgroup.com. Additional information about BAG Emergency Response Services can be found on their website at www.BAG-ERS.com.

Emergency Response Services: Protecting America’s Rail Infrastructure (pdf version)