Clark School Hopes to Attract Fire Protection “Professor of the Practice”

FPE alumnus Bob Andrews '80 has committed a lead gift of $100,000 towards the professorship.

The Clark School Department of Fire Protection Engineering is raising funds for a new Professor of the Practice position within the department.

FPE alumnus Bob Andrews ’80 committed a lead gift of $100,000 towards the professorship and an additional $275,000 has been raised toward a goal of $2.5 million.

This permanent faculty position will enable future generations of fire protection engineering students to benefit from contact with practitioners in the field.

“One of the goals of the professorship is to preserve the tradition that we’ve had of being well connected to the profession, both in terms of the applied classes at the undergraduate level and to attract applied industry-sponsored research” said FPE Chair Jim Milke.

The department hopes to attract an individual who will serve as a mentor for students interested in entering the profession and assist faculty members with the technology transfer process.

“The ideal candidate would be someone who’s been immersed in the practice of fire protection engineering and involved in a fundamental research area,” Milke said.

In addition to supporting a professorship, the interest generated from the endowment fund will support one teaching assistantship to provide additional student support and mentoring.

FPE alumni Jim Begley ’96, Ken Isman ’86 and Doug ’91 and Rita ’92 Fisher also have contributed towards the professorship, along with Tyco Fire Products.

The Clark School’s Department of Fire Protection Engineering is one of only three graduate programs, and the only professionally accredited undergraduate program, in the United States.

For more information about this professorship and how to contribute, please contact Carl Fowlkes.

To learn more about the University’s Great Expectations campaign and how you can make a difference in the Clark School’s progress, please contact Leslie Borak.

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Clark School Hopes to Attract Fire Protection “Professor of the Practice”

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