Bob Andrews Group to Establish Specialist Emergency Response Headquarters in the Tri-State Area

Ten month long site selection process now focusing on Delaware County, PA

San Antonio, TX – February 24, 2014   

The Bob Andrews Group, LLC (BAG) today formally announced that after an extensive ten-month site selection process, it is now focusing on Delaware County, Pennsylvania for the location of its new regional fire station and headquarters.  The new facility will support BAG’s wholly-owned emergency response subsidiary, BAG Emergency Response Services, LLC (BAG-ERS).

Operating from a strategically located facility, BAG-ERS will focus on protecting the high-hazard, critical infrastructure, and crude oil by rail (CBR) industries in the Delaware Valley.

BAG-ERS_top_logo2The company will provide industrial firefighting specialists, as well as specially-designed firefighting equipment. These resources will be offered to oil refining, chemical, railroad, marine, utility and other heavy-industrial customers that require a specialized and highly-technical response to emergencies.

While BAG-ERS will initially focus on establishing a significant presence in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, the company will also serve the Central Atlantic region of the United States and will then expand to offer its critical services both nationally and internationally.

“The company has identified several potential sites in Delaware County, Pennsylvania that are proximate to its targeted customer base, as well as close to major highways and bridges to facilitate rapid emergency response”, reported Sam Goldwater, Bob Andrews Group Senior Vice President. “Since November, we have been focusing on several suitable sites located in Delaware County, and have also been conducting our due-diligence with property owners, local government officials, and state economic development entities. Assuming the successful conclusion of these efforts, the Bob Andrews Group should be able to announce its site selection decision in the near future”, Goldwater said.

“With the pending selection and announcement of our new Regional Fire Station and Headquarters, BAG-ERS is now prepared to begin working with its prospective clients, employees, and government partners.  Our goal is to provide a significant emergency response capability in the region as soon as possible”, said Robert C. Andrews, Jr., P.E., Bob Andrews Group President & CEO.


Chief Bob Andrews
President & CEO
Bob Andrews Group, LLC

According to Andrews, the company envisions a “mega-fire station” to be situated within the three-state region, supported by several smaller “sub-stations” that will provide for initial rapid response within their local territory.  The company also sees hiring a mix of full-time and part-time firefighters and other emergency response professionals, drawing on the significant numbers of career, volunteer, industrial, and military emergency responders readily available in the region. “We certainly aim to be a preferred employer in the tri-state area, providing competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and significant educational opportunities, including tuition reimbursement, for our employees”, Andrews said.

Amongst the services offered by BAG-ERS will be specialized industrial firefighting, hazardous materials and oil spill response, specialized emergency medical response, marine firefighting, and technical rescue services including response to trench, high-angle, and confined-space emergencies.

The company will also be bringing its specialized expertise in emergency preparedness and response to the area’s crude oil by rail industry (CBR).


Samuel O. Goldwater
Senior Vice President
Bob Andrews Group, LLC

According to the company, Andrews tapped BAG Senior Vice President, Samuel O. Goldwater, early in 2013 to coordinate the preliminary phase of research and exploratory talks. Internally, the Bob Andrews Group had been referring to this new initiative as “The Philadelphia Project”. Mr. Goldwater will continue to lead the project locally, and will serve as BAG’s regional liaison. He may be reached through BAG San Antonio Headquarters at (210) 547-2400 until a local construction office is established, or by email at

Additional information about the Bob Andrews Group can be found on their website at Additional information about BAG Emergency Response Services can be found on their website at

Bob Andrews Group to Establish Specialist Emergency Response Headquarters in the Tri-State Area (pdf version)