Another New Company for the Bob Andrews Group

San Antonio, TX – April 24, 2013

Samuel O. Goldwater

The Bob Andrews Group, LLC announces the launching of BAG Business Development.

BAG-BD is a consulting firm taking advantage of the Group’s experience in starting and growing business in the field of fire protection. Headed up by Sam Goldwater, Vice President of the Bob Andrews Group and 40 year veteran in the field of fire protection, BAG Business Development will help start-up companies and legacy fire

protection companies grow to their true full potential and to the expectations of their owners and investors. The Bob Andrews Group has several thriving companies, most of which are in some sector of fire protection. Within the Group are companies ranging from Fire Protection Engineering to Fire Equipment to Emergency Response. Some companies are services related, some are equipment related, and some are people driven.

Grow your business with BAG-BD

Starting and growing businesses in fire protection is part art, part science, and part engineering. Whether it’s starting a distributorship, a manufacturing company, or a consulting / rep firm, BAG knows how to get it going and keep it going. If your organization has reached a plateau and is looking to grow, BAG knows how to do it. With over a hundred years of experience in the field of fire protection, BAG-BD’s business professionals can support you in sales and marketing, accounting and administration, and operations and engineering. Not only do we know how to support each of these important corporate areas, but we understand how they are connected and interact with each other.

We’re not consultants who just went to school and read up on the subjects. We have lived the actual process of starting companies and growing them. We have our own companies and we have consulted with some of the best companies in the industry; sometimes heavily involved and sometimes just tweaking the details to make them more profitable, or sometimes just helping land that one big project.

If you are new to the industry, or if you are trying to create your own sales staff, or develop distribution, or if your sales have outpaced your infrastructure, BAG can help make you more successful – faster.

For more information, contact Sam Goldwater at (210) 547-2400 or via email to


Press Release: Another New Company for the Bob Andrews Group